today’s hq_69min theme was short shorts and i’d like to thank jesus for the girls’ vball uniforms


today’s hq_69min theme was short shorts and i’d like to thank jesus for the girls’ vball uniforms



"If The Devil isn't trying to trip you up, 
It's because he's already got you."



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art by: ▲ | yumiikyo

art by: ▲ yumiikyo

Chibi Sebastian & Ciel by Yana Toboso

Dr.赤司 &インターン生


Dr.赤司 &インターン生


Random drawings of human!Nigou because I can 8D;;

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Notes: Chihiro and Tetsuya make very effective right-wing men, but are unfortunately entirely self-serving. ((Managed to get one of my more secret OTPs in eheh. And kinda tempted to make a sequel.))

The first time Chihiro suspected foul play was at some stupid meet that Reo had dragged him to. Why he had been invited in the first place he wasn’t entirely sure; he was off to university, no longer in that group, but something about Reo’s imploring look and the fact that Hayama started hanging on his arm and looked sad enough to stop bouncing for more than a second made him give in, a hand pressed to his forehead in an attempt to press away the ache.

“What are we doing, then?” he had asked, putting his shoes on.

“Playing basketball. Being together for the last time before you leave.”

He had been regretting it already, but still followed them out the door, noticing that Hayama’s hand had slipped into Reo’s. He didn’t comment; he found it a pity that his skills of observation were not going away no matter how much he didn’t care, after all.

It took easily an hour to get where they were supposed to meet, and it was when he recognised a few of the others, from Seirin and Shuutoku that he understood why.

“Don’t tell me all the bloody miracles are going to be here,” he muttered under his breath to Reo. Reo raised an eyebrow.

“Not all of them, no. Kise-kun is at a photo shoot and I think Murasakibara-kun is on holiday with his family.”

“Man, I wanna play against them,” Hayama chirped, bouncing again.

“You already have.”

“Kagami and Aomine are here, right? I wanna break past them! And Midorima’s good at defence, right? I wanna break past him too!”

“Be quiet, basketball idiot,” Reo said, but he had an edge of fondness to his voice and reached up to brush a strand of Hayama’s hair back. Chihiro, after watching them both incredulously, wondered what it was about love that made someone so blind to another’s faults. Especially as, only a few months ago, such comments would have earned him a slap over the head from the one currently caressing him.

When they stared at each other for a few moments and Chihiro was feeling more and more like a third wheel, he asked where Nebuya was. Of all people, Chihiro honestly thought he was the one who would have the most sense at the moment.

As Reo explained his absence, Chihiro looked around the court, before he caught sight of Akashi talking to one of Seirin’s members. The… the mousy one. What was his name again? It was incongruent enough that he stared for a while, until Reo noticed his distraction. “Yes, it is strange, isn’t it?” he said. Chihiro blinked at him before turning back. “Sei-chan having a crush on such a guy.”

“Does he really?” he answered, ignoring Hayama, who was bouncing to look over Reo’s head (rather than looking around him) and shouting ‘who?’ repetitively until Reo looked at him.

Even though Reo nodded, he wasn’t entirely convinced. At least, until Kuroko materialised behind him, tapped him on the shoulder and apparently scared him half to death if the boy’s shout had anything to say about it. He also dived to Akashi’s side and buried his face into the side of his neck, and although Chihiro expected Akashi to step back or just walk away, instead his arms closed protectively around the boy’s quivering form and his cheek rested against his hair for the shortest moment.

“Oh my,” Reo said. “Maybe something happened between them?”

Hayama, speechless and still for a change, gaped at the scene as the boy stepped out of Akashi’s arms, apologised and reprimanded Kuroko for his bad habits. But if Chihiro was correct, he was pretty sure he saw money being exchanged between Akashi and Kuroko.

“Did you see that?” he asked Reo.

“See what? Furihata-kun diving into Sei-chan’s arms?”

“No, not…” He shook his head, unable to put the two actions together. So instead he approached Akashi as Furihata went to some of the other members of Seirin.

“You came, Mayuzumi-san,” Akashi said, completely innocently even though Chihiro was watching him narrowly.

“Did you just give Kuroko money?”

Akashi’s smile froze. “Ah, well. About that…” It was so long before he answered it was surely a lie. “I lost a bet.” He remained perfectly still, almost eerily so.

“You’re lying.”

His jaw tensed and he glanced to the left in the direction Furihata had gone.

“Are you paying Kuroko to scare Furihata so you can… comfort him?”

If he hadn’t been surprised at such an underhanded technique being used by a kid who was, to be perfectly honest, the creepiest and strangest one he’d ever met in his confidence he would have laughed at the look of panic on his face. A rabbit caught in headlights. “Your observational skills are really coming along, senpai,” Akashi said.

“You mean you’re resorting to such cheap tactics?”

“They’re not cheap,” he said. “Kuroko knows how to drive a hard bargain.” Despite his words, he still spoke with fondness.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Akashi gave a little huff. “What I’ve discovered is that Kōki automatically comes to me when he’s scared, which was a surprising turn of events but I’m not going to complain. Once he realises that he loves me I’ll get to the next stage.”

“What’s the next stage; leaving anonymous notes for him? Why don’t you take the direct approach and ask him outright? I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I know I’ve read more light novels than you.”

“He’s not a light novel character; coming right out with it will scare him.”

“I still think you should try,” Chihiro said, wondering why exactly he was helping so much. It wasn’t as if he cared for Akashi—in fact, the less he saw him the happier he would be. Maybe it was just his intense dislike for the previous phantom sixth man which lead him to wanting to ruin everything for him. He’d never claimed to be a good person.

Akashi sighed, but nodded. “Okay, I will. If you’re wrong I won’t be happy.”

“You’re not going to blindly trust your senpai?”

Akashi frowned, trying to detect sarcasm, before apparently deeming it unworthy of his time and going to rejoin Furihata.

He watched them for a moment, trying to tell himself that it wasn’t creepy; he was just intrigued, before he felt someone come up next to him.

“I have a bone to pick with you, Mayuzumi-san.”

Kuroko seemed surprisingly expressive at that point, watching in the same direction as Chihiro where an increasingly blushing Furihata was listening to Akashi. “Oh?” Chihiro answered.

“You just disposed of my main source of income.”

“Isn’t that a pity?” he said, meeting Kuroko’s glare with a smile that let him know that he was perfectly aware of the fact, rather certain that this meant war between them.


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